Academic teaching

Philippe Goudard is Professeur in Performing Arts at the Paul Valéry Montpellier University in France since 2006.

Fields of research and teaching
Circus arts : history and actuality, imaginary and practices
– Circus and other arts (cinema and new media, music, plastic arts, theatre, danse…)
– Circus arts in the wolrd (actuality, history, similar arts and rituals)
Performing arts
– Performing arts and sciences (in particular cognitive science and technology)
– Practices in performing arts (playing, staging, production, formation)
– Circus-arts medicine
Supervised PhD ongoing
- Rafael Resende Marques da Silva (Brésil), « The universality of the clown: a journey between Brazil and France » 2010 ;
- Marisa Ribeiro Soares (Brésil), « The clown, the being of the opposite », co-tutelle Prof. Dr. Renato Ferracini (Instituto de Artes/Departamento de Artes Cênicas/UNICAMP-Campinas, Brazil ) 2012 ;
- Wei Liang (Chine), « Za Ji or the chinese acrobatics, a journey between China and France: forms, evolutions, perspectives » 2013 ;
- Franziska Trapp (Allemagne), « Narrativity and the circus arts. Foundation of an esthetics of the New Circus?», co-tutelle Prof. Dr. Moritz Baßler (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster) 2014;
- Charlène Dray (France) « The scientific process as process of artistic creation applied to the horse / Between arts and sciences, hybrid spaces where to write the alive » 2014 ;
- Sebastian Belmar (Perou) « The circus at the crossroad of the scenic arts. A historic, dramaturgic and practical approach » , 2016
- Léa de Truchis de Varennes (France) « The dramaturgy in contemporary circus » 2017.
- Maddly Guillaume, PhD in medicine (France) « What is the experience lived for the patients presenting depressive symptoms after a Circassian cultural intervention? A pilot study » .Co-direction Dr Delphine Tchimbakala, Paris 13, and Dr Philippe Goudard. Montpellier 3, 2016.
Teaching for Master in research
– Direction of theatre-and-performing-arts research
– Course :
Circus and cinema : a fertile dialogue
Arts and sciences
Training seminars with search
Teaching for Master “direction artistique de projet culturel”
– Course : Circus arts : history and  et actuality
Teaching for  Bachelor “arts du spectacle / théâtre et spectacle vivant”
– Course : circus histoiry and aesthetics
– Workshops : playing  burlesque and clownery things, documentation, collokium organization, training course…
Professional teaching in master artistic director of cultural project
– Course: Arts of the circus: history and topicality